The Ten Commandments; Broken Rules for Society

How can it be that for thousands of years the Abrahamic religions and their followers have found meaning in the Ten Commandments, however, with a modern mind they just don’t make sense as rules to govern society. Ostensibly, the first four are vanity on the part of God, then worse the next arguably supports enabling family abuse in its most literal sense. This leaves only the last five which are seemingly fundamental rules that practically every government in the world enforces in some form. Therefore, even the value in these last five statements must be independent from the religion itself. With the modern mindset, these commandments seem to range between common-sense to aggressively wrong. One could argue that whoever decided these to be the commandments is doing so out of shortsighted vanity, otherwise all of them would be result in real, tangible benefits to society. It is not hard to see how so few people know what the full list of commandments is when they are at best paid lip service, and at worst used as an archaic tome to justify illegitimate authority.