The Leviathan

The Patterns of Belief

This site is an exploration of the structures that human beings use to make sense of life, truth might not be the same as factual

Latest Writings

You Shall Not Murder; Scalpel on Canvas

Back: The Fifth Commandment Don’t kill people. An easy rule to follow. For most people, this might be considered a free pass on the good person checklist. Sure, sometimes I might want to put a chair through a person, but I know not to. If I did end up clubbing a guy to death, I…

You Shall Understand Your Parents; Envelopes Filled With Silver

Back: The Fourth Commandment The Ten Commandments are odd in that they seem to present as a cascading set of instructions away from the transcendent, like layers of a mandala walking away from the central point. The first four Commandments present as ones that require the reader to accept that they are a force of…

You Shall Rest in Creation: The Prison Without Walls

Back: The Third Commandment We all know that according to the story God made the earth and all the things on the earth in seven days, and on that seventh day, he rested. God, being the merciful guy he is, got to the end of the busiest week since time started, thought that he had…

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